Aug 26

Windsor ruins

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About 12 miles southwest of Port Gibson, Mississippi I came by the Windsor ruins.

The ruins are located in the solitude of a forest, and I truly enjoyed the peace and quiet, not having to buy a ticket or go through a gift shop for a change! J

The plantation home was built in 1861 and survived the civil war.

Mark Twain is said to have stayed at the home after the war and to have used the roof observatory to get a view of the Mississippi River.

February 17th 1890 a guest left or dropped a cigar or cigarette that set the house on fire, while the family was in town to pick up their mail. When they returned the plantation was in flames.

The fire started at the top of the building making it impossible to extinguish, and the house burned to the ground leaving only the 23 columns, some wrought-iron stairs and parts of the balustrade.

The stairs and the balustrade were since built into the nearby Alcorn State University Chapel.

The Windsor ruins have been used as a set in several movies, including ”Raintree County” starring Elizabeth Taylor and “Ghosts of Mississippi” starring Whoopi Goldberg and Alec Baldwin.

Windsor ruins. Of course I used the TS-E 24mm II lens.


I liked this angle with the tree next to the columns.


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